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Bishop's Dashboard
  Organize and present daily data for the Bishop and other key Diocesan staff.

  Does this happen in your Diocese ...
          Bishop comes to your office and asks a few 'simple' questions:
               What's our cash position ?                  Is the diocese on budget?                What are today's appeal numbers?
               I'm going to visit Parish X
                    Where does parish X stand with the appeal?                   
                    Who are the top donors?               Tell me a little about them and their families
               Any births or deaths in the diocese that I should know about?
Each question can lead to hours of work.

CPI has developed our Bishop's Dashboard to help answer these questions with a one button solution.

Bishop's Dashboard properties:
     Organize and display daily data for Bishop & other key diocesan staff
     Pull data from any ODBC or SQL compliant source
     Can be customized and maintained by your staff
     Integrates with CPI Bishop's CRM & Roster Systems

Please review the screen shot below for a sample Dashboard.    Scroll down for an explanation of each lettered widget type.
Bishops Dashboard Screenshot

A) Live Widget
    The top left corner is a live polling widget. This widget will poll the underlying database every 15 minutes and will display the current values. This sample above shows current Appeal status.
B & C) Update on Load Widgets
    The two graphical widgets are examples where the data is loaded when the dashboard is first displayed, and then remains static until the page is reloaded.
Our samples show a Donations by Month bar chart, and  Donations by Source pie chart.
D & J) Links to other websites
The Dashboard can be linked to the main Diocesan website, or other external websites as desired.
E & F)  External Documents
These widgets link to standard pdf's, spreadsheets and word processing documents. These documents are prepared externally, then loaded into a fixed directory for display.
Our samples show a Parish Directory pdf and a Appeal Status by Parish spreadsheet.

G, H, I)  Reporting Widget
Reporting Widgets execute a query when the Dashboard is loaded and displays the results. Please note the horizontal and vertical scroll bars. These slide bars allow you to set up a larger report without taking up to much space. The user can then slide up, down and sideways to display the desired data.
Our samples show Weekly Top Donors, Donor Birthdays and recent Deaths.
K)  CPI Bishop's CRM
This Widget links to the CPI Bishop's CRM module

Please click  HERE  for additional information.