CPI C4 Main Screen                                                                                            Home

    This is the main screen for CPI's C4-CMS. The user can see the summary profile for the individual or family membership, along with basic address and contact information. The headings along the top provide access to the various Demographics, Processing, Reporting and System drop-down menus. Tabs below the MEMBER_ID , along with the side menu display additional demographic and financial information. The top right side buttons allow the user to record categorized notes, attach scanned documents or compose email to the member.

    This screen displays all the member's charges for a specific month. C4-CMS can keep an unlimited number of months transactions on file. The user can sort on any column. Note the optional explanation line that can be attached to any transaction. A statement can be emailed directly to the member from this screen, for any month on file. When integrated with Point of Sale, the user can drill down on any transaction to see the purchases details and general ledger posting information.

This screen displays the current purchase summary, along with minimum information. Purchases can be organized into as many as 8 sub categories (House vs Dues, vs capital, vs Parties vs. contributions, etc). Minimums can follow annual, quarterly, monthly or custom schedules, based on calendar month or a specific starting day (1st, 10th, 15th, etc.) Specific months can also be skipped. These minimum schedules can be assigned by member type, then adjusted to each individual member.