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Internal Control Management Software 


Dioceses and similar non-profit organizations face a difficult problem managing internal control issues. Our enormous reliance on volunteers, low pay scales and an overall ‘culture of trust' has lead to various thefts and property losses that are all too eagerly reported by the news media. In the post-ENRON era, the importance of developing internal controls and measuring compliance has never been greater.

But where to start?

Almost every diocese has an internal audit group or individual. At best, each parish is visited once every three years, or when a pastor changes. An enormous amount of time is spent by these individuals on clerical work: 

  - Where are the papers from the last audit? 

  - Are findings being followed-up? 

  - Where is the most current audit questionnaire ? 

  - Where are all the papers left by the last audit.

  - Does our audit questionnaire properly reflect the policies and procedures manual?  

  - How up to date is the policies and procedures manual, and do the pastors have the current copy?

If any of these issues affect you, CPI and ePM can help.

CPI has developed Diocesan-specific Internal Control and Parish Audit Management templates based on ePM's Enterprise Risk Management software. Our solution allows you to streamline the process of performing parish audits by organizing all the operational policies and procedures, risks and controls and parish audit results into a single database. All audit findings and follow-up items are stored in the system. Various reports can be generated for review with the pastor, and comparisons among parishes can be prepared for chancery and audit committee review. In short, CPI's ePM templates allow you to leverage your existing Internal Audit staff to get more done in less time.

eProcess Manager is a software ‘container' for internal control management. (www.eProcessManager.com/diocesan_parish_dfmc.aspx) ePM was developed by T1-MAS to allow organizations to meet the demands of Sarbanes-Oxley legislation, which mandated publicly traded companies and organizations receiving public funding to verify they are compliant with financial best practices. EPM goes beyond SOX compliance by allowing the entry and maintenance of policies and procedures, audit testing and results, assignment of compliance responsibilities to individuals and departments, and many more features. Rather than seeing compliance as a burden, ePM allows you to state your best practices, then measure your compliance with your stated objectives.

Please contact us for more information. We will be exhibiting at the upcoming DFMC conference in Sept 2011.