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Simple CRM
  Track key information about your Donor Contacts

Most CRM products have overwhelmingly complex setup and management requirements.
CPI has decided to keep it simple.

CPI Simple CRM is a straightforward tool that allows the bishop or any other authorized user to call up any donor in the system, review specific information, leave notes to self, or send actionable comments to other staff. Simple CRM also allows the user to segment the database into rosters for mailings and analysis.

Our CRM...
     Connects to the main underlying Parishioner Database.
     Presents the key data from that database - fields that you choose.
     Allows the Bishop or others to add, categorize and review notes & send action notes to staff.
     Lets the user organze donors into unlimited interest groups or Rosters

    The sample image shows the key Parishioner information, including Name and Address, Phone #, eMail, and previous Campaign and Development gifts

Please note the 'sticky notes' section. The user can click on any of the last 12 notes created to review the contents. All other notes are also available under 'Donor Memos'.


Simple CRM screenshot.