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Data Viewers
  Organize data from various sources for queries and reporting

Why is is so difficult to visualize your parishioner data?
CPI has developed tools that allow you to bring all your data together onto one screen.

Our Donor Viewer screen combines Constituent Demographics characteristics, campaign results, events participation, donor asks and ask segments and available underlying donor database items into a single spreadsheet-like format.

The screen shot below demonstrates a sample View.

Donor Viewer Screen Shot

 Dashboard Functions (Top menu selections and Icons)
The drop-down menus and icons allow the user  to call up existing views, select criteria and output the results to rosters or spreadsheets.
A)  Segment parishioners into pre-set groups. Note the Archived segment.

B)   Selection Codes.  Assign characteristics to donors in Simple CRM for further sub-selections. Codes include Mailing Codes, Appeal Participation, Geographies and Inclusion Codes (Active/Inactive Parishioner, School Parents, etc.)
     Please see screenshot below.
C)  Selection by Parishes.  Allows the user to focus on a single parish, a group of parishes, or all parishes,
D)  Donor Groups selection.  The user can select donors manually, or pull in one or more Rosters from Simple CRM
E)  Results display area. All the data fields selected in the 'Format Columns' box are shown for the chosen donors.
F) Format Columns. This button will display all the available data fields. Coose the fields desired for this query. up to 1,000 characteristics can be selected.
    Please see 'Format Columns' below
G) Results Summary.  All numeric data fields are summarized here
H)  Footer. Displays counts and current donor, memory usage and  navigation buttons.

B)  Selection Codes:
Viewer Selection Codes

F) Format Columns:

Viewer Fields available